About Us

French recipes by DoriA was created by Parisian Sisters, Christine and Caroline.

Having spent so many happy times cooking together, sharing recipes, stories, love and laughters, they are now sharing their passion, heritage and love of food mostly French. With assistance from Christine's husband Hervé, the sisters have cooked, baked, sliced, tried and tested some of the best food which France has to offer, from the simplest dishes to the most exquisite delicacies.

"We want to share our culinary heritage, the aromas that bring smiles to our faces and the tastes of France that make us feel at home, wherever we are in the world. We want to inspire you with French cuisine and give you a little slice of each of our French region! 

Why buy a cookbook with a limited number of recipes?

Here you will find over 300 recipes to discover and enjoy and we'll bring you a new recipe each week.

Bon Appetit!"